A Guide to Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is a dynamic technology designed to impress attendees.

The options are endless - from simple stage effects to surround the subject, to more complex visuals, such as projecting video content onto buildings and across an entire cityscape.

In this guide, we’ll delve into projection mapping and highlight the value companies across the event marketing field have achieved with this developing technology. We’ll present a working model for using projection mapping in your own events and explore topics such as budgeting and planning as we review the industry in greater detail.

How Does It Work?

Projection mapping works by harnessing a pre-production process, during which images are fitted onto a 3D graphic model of the subject.

From the original images, a 3D image is created that appears to wrap itself around the subject. Because of the exact nature of the 3D rendering process, images appear to be painted on or even part of the subject’s structure.

projection mapping florida gators basketball court

Projection mapping onto the Florida Gators basketball court

Taking Over the Events Industry

projection mapping
building transformation

Projection Mapping Building Transformations

getting started with projection mapping
building facade

With its ability to captivate audiences, projection mapping has exploded throughout the events industry. Companies across the globe are incorporating this exciting technology for a variety of events. For example, film studios are now harnessing projection mapping to display scenes from their films onto building facades at showbiz premieres.

What is the Objective of Projection Mapping?

The goal of this advancement in live event technology is to captivate audiences in a compelling way and to inspire. The most interesting element of this exciting technology is the ability for the creative team to add texture and colors to an environment or object. This can mean taking corporate branding and creating compelling character-driven stories in the real world.

Companies are now able to bring event-goers and customers closer to their brand, providing them with an engaging experience that introduces them to the company with compelling graphic content and images that resonate.

Partnership with a Creative Company Required

While companies might be able to devise ideas for their own campaigns in-house, they must still collaborate with 3D projection mapping service providers to capitalize fully on the technology available. The value is only achieved by working with an expert team who understands the client's concept completely and who installs and manages these innovative digital projection systems effectively.

During the initial meeting with your tech vendor, it’s important to establish your branding goals and to review the potential for projection mapping within your campaigns and events. You can then move forward in the process with full knowledge of the options available.

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