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What is Touchscreen Technology?

Touchscreen technology refers to any device through which a user can directly control the screen without additional products, such as a mouse or keyboard.

This allows your brand to communicate and collaborate with your event attendees, bringing everyday technology into the promotional space.

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Touchscreen Technology Usage

Touchscreen technology is central to many of our daily tasks. From checking emails on our phones to reading eBooks on tablets, we harness touchscreen technology to simplify our lives. Touchscreens also add significant value to events, making it easier for attendees to consume and interact with your content. Let our team guide you through integrating responsive, immersive touchscreen products seamlessly into your next show.

Applications for Touchscreen Systems

Touchscreen technology is now widely used for the following applications:


At events across the country, touchscreens are being implemented to help attendees find their location on an interactive map of the venue. The map details precisely the steps the user must take to reach their destination.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is now one of the most valuable elements of robust marketing campaigns. Touchscreen technology enables your company to introduce strategies such as gamification into your event marketing. For example, you might use an interactive touchscreen game to give guests points any time they interact with your brand at the event, utilizing the competitive element to engage clientele.

Promotional Content

For companies highlighting a catalog at upcoming events, touchscreens offer the ability for guests to scroll and swipe through content. Screens can be designed to give a complete overview of the product line, combining the elements of control and information which are central to compelling the modern buyer to act.

Our Full-Service Options

This is what your partnership with ON Services looks like:

Benefits of Interactive Touchscreens for Your Promotional Campaigns

Touchscreen technology is growing in use due to the following benefits:

Immersive Experiences

Provide engaging and immersive experiences by putting the user firmly in control, allowing them to explore your brand’s offerings at their speed.

Self Service

The self-service nature of touchscreens means that you don’t have to employ a large staff in order to help audiences learn about your products.

Improve Your Presentations

One key challenge companies face in their events is effectively highlighting speaker presentations. Touchscreens help enhance the value of the presentation. For example, a touchscreen tablet may help your audience follow the guest speaker’s content.

Our Service

We can help you capitalize on each of the unique benefits of VR and AR technology.

We can help you capitalize on each of the unique benefits of VR and AR technology.

Touchscreen technology is growing in use due to the following benefits:

Comprehensive Consultation

During the consultation process, we discuss your upcoming event and the type of touchscreen technology you’d like to use. We’ll review the message you wish to convey with your branding and help you find the technologies and accessories that fit your audience’s needs, and your budget.

Customized Service Options

We can build customized touchscreen systems specifically for your brand and your event, as required. This service empowers your brand to offer a uniquely engaging experience.

Load-In Work

We’ll complete all elements of the load-in process for you, ensuring the technology is tested effectively and ready before the event.

Event Production

On event day, we’ll handle the production work for you, addressing technical issues and ensuring your audience receives maximum value from your touchscreen technology investment.

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