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Showcase Your Brand With Compelling Stage Design

The right stage design brings your brand to life.

As the main focal point of your event, stage design brings together essential event elements such as lighting, sound, scenic and visuals to influence your audience.

Working with a world-renowned stage design company such as ON Services empowers your team with a competitive advantage for upcoming events. Your stage is what your audience remembers, and you want it to stand out. Here’s how we can make that happen.

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The Value of Professional Stage Design

Our stage design solutions offer the following benefits:

Surprise and Delight

Our design team concepts elements devised to elicit a reaction from your audience. They’ll use lighting and sound to amp up the energy within the room, and various av displays like LED walls or custom scenic pieces to immediately catch and hold the audience’s attention for the duration of the event. We have the skills and tools to bring any blank event space to life.

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Showcase Branding Details Via Backdrops

Our lighting and scenic design teams work together to showcase your latest branding via backdrops and other scenic elements. The stage designers will create backdrops so all the attention is focused on your brand to meet event objectives.

High-Impact Graphics Offer Memorable Appeal

The goal for any branding event is to ensure that the company and its products are remembered long after the event is over. Working with cutting-edge technology like projection mapping helps sell your brand vision to your audience. High-impact designs stick with event-goers and leaves them wanting to know and experience more.

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Staging for Both Indoor and Outdoor Events

ON Services Stage Design Process

We offer services for the following events:

Corporate Events and Meetings

Conferences and Trade Shows

General Sessions

User Groups

Dinner Meetings

Our full stage design process includes:

A Consultation

During the consultation, you’ll learn about the unique value stage design offers your brand. We’ll discuss the venue, how to concept effectively or, how to build on a concept, if you’ve already defined your vision. We’ll review your budget and help you hone your message for your target audience.

Creative Work

Once we have core information about your brand and the venue, we build out the creative by designing a concept incorporating each of the branding elements highlighted during the consultation. We’ll explore how the design blends with lighting, audio, and video systems to create a unified presence that captivates audiences.

The Load-In Phase

As part of the load-in phase, we’ll construct and implement each of the design elements effectively, run tests to see how the stage design will be perceived by the audience and ensure the technology works flawlessly.


During the event, we’ll ensure all elements are produced perfectly. We’ll run the show and manage all special effects such as lighting elements and staging for special announcements.

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