Inspiration for Projection Mapping Projects

Companies in various industries are now

considering projection mapping and the value it can bring to their events.

It’s the reason we continue to build a wide-ranging catalog of options to help guide brands on how to maximize their returns. Let's look at a few ideas for the integration of projection mapping at specific events.

Sporting Events

At sporting events, projection mapping is often used to update live audiences on changes taking place on the field of play.

For example, in football games, projection mapping might be used to highlight a player’s change of position and how they have moved from one area of the field to another with the ball. It can be a new way to get the crowd involved in the game and provide clear insights into the strategies being utilized by coaches.

Awards Ceremonies

When hosting award ceremonies, projection mapping experts use the technology to enhance the celebration.

For example, at a film awards ceremony, clips from the film can be placed in 3D in front of the event audience tp bring the characters to life. Projection mapping may also be utilized to highlight products, services and teams, among other uses.

Opening Ceremonies

We’ve seen how the use of projection mapping technology has improved the opening ceremonies for events such as the Olympics.

Video projection teams have worked in close consultation with set designers to create captivating imagery for both live audiences and those watching across the globe. At the PyeongChang Olympics in 2018, the technology was combined with augmented reality systems to blend the virtual and real-world elements with spectacular results.


Event conferences worldwide are amplified by the use of projection mapping systems.

When debuting new innovations, products may be highlighted in 3D across a meeting room surface, allowing stakeholders to experience and gain a greater insight into a new product or sevice's performance and value.

Corporate Events

At your corporate events, you might choose projection mapping technology to highlight interesting features of the venue architecture, making a great first impression on those who are visiting the area for the first time.

You might also use projection mapping as a way to decorate the venue without the related investment in decor materials. You may project the brand’s colors and logos on walls and other architectural elements, providing inspiration and a splash of color within the venue space.


Projection mapping is now changing the way audiences experience concerts performed by their favorite artists.

This is most vividly highlighted within large concert halls, where music from some of the world’s most renowned classical composers has been integrated with projection technology to transpose imagery on concert hall walls and ceilings in time with the music. The result is a truly engaging experience for the audience, which may then increase the revenues for future concerts for the organizer.

The data shows that event organizers who use projection mapping for their promotions may achieve far higher social media sharing numbers and gain significant traction online.

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