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Enhance Event Results with Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is helping companies communicate more effectively with their event audiences.

Companies across all marketplaces can capitalize on digital signs as a way to maximize their event returns and deliver crucial messaging to their audience.

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Applications for Digital Signage at Local Events

Digital signage is used in a number of ways to help drive the connection between audiences and brands. It’s used for the following:


Help your audience navigate busy event venues with digital wayfinding signs to light the way.


Give your team and audience clear details about the day's events with digital agendas which update in real-time.


Digital branding helps your brand to showcase its commitment to cutting-edge innovation.

Social Media Walls

Social media is now a central element in successful event marketing. Deploy digital social media walls to connect the conversations taking place online and offline.

Digital Signage Can Be

Customized for Your Event Needs

Digital Signage

Perhaps one of the leading advantages of choosing digital signage for your upcoming events is that each sign can be customized according to your event requirements.

A picture taken from a mobile phone can now be used on a much larger scale across digital signage or use smaller digital display screens for interactive promotions.

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For example, if you operate a clothing company, you might allow clients to flip through a digital catalog of new products. Or use a larger digital display to dominate the venue and provide new audiences with instant information on your brand and its products.

Signage Can Now Be Interconnected and Interactive

Working with a digital sign in real-time helps keep your company stay in full control over the day’s events and allows you to make changes to content on the fly. For example, you might have a change to the guest speaker for your event and need to update the agenda. Having access to add new details to your content feed assures seamless communication with your event audience.

The Benefits of Digital Signage for Your Attendees

There are a number of benefits digital signage can offer your attendees. These include:


Built with interactive applications, digital signs allow attendees to become immersed in the branding experience, and giving them full control over how they use the media.


Rather than be subjected to traditional promotions, audience members interact with digital promotions designed to engage their brain and compel interest.

Immediate Information

Digital signs are easily updated with new information, limiting the need for audiences to seek out details.

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