Scenic Design

Setting the Stage With Professional Scenic Design

How can scenic design help?

You want to create a stunning, memorable atmosphere at your events.

Attention-grabbing elements are your brand’s best opportunity to make a lasting impression. Working with a professional AV company, such as ON Services, ensures that your audience connects with your brand from the very first moment they walk into the venue.

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What is Scenic Design?

ON Services Scenic Design Process

Scenic design is the process of arranging your event display space to maximize the appeal to your audience.

Interested in transforming a space, or creating a unique environment? Scenic design is the answer.

The process involves utilizing a combination of staging and technology such as:

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Motion Graphic

Digital Screens

digital screens
projection mapping

Projection Mapping


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Backdrops and Banners

What Are the Benefits of Scenic Design?

ON Services Scenic Design Process

Our experienced team at ON Services offers a dynamic approach to custom scenic design.


When trying to take on the design work alone using in-house resources, you may overspend on unnecessary elements which devalue your core messaging. Working with a scenic design team helps make sure the design work complements your event goals while maximizing every penny in your event budget.


From one event to the next, your scenic design presence could be completely distinct. We bring together a variety of elements to customize a dazzling brand experience for your guests. Working with a qualified scenic design team means your branding is never stale and always the complete focus, regardless of the venue or occasion.

Our process includes the following elements:

The Consultation Phase

We begin with a consultation that allows you to learn more about scenic design and the benefits it brings to your events. During the consultation, we’ll discuss the your vision, goals and how our scenic offerings can work for your venue, audience and budget.

The Production Phase

We’ll coordinate all elements of the initial designs and transform them to stage ready elements. This involves building custom scenic pieces or arranging scenic items from our inventory to create the ambiance you desire on event day.

The Load-In Phase

The load-in includes building and setting up different scenic elements throughout the venue. We'll test the scenic designs with different lighting options and other configurations to minimize potential issues on event day.

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