Projection Mapping

Bring your message to life through stunning high-definition visuals and imagery.

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection Mapping is a video projection technology that is used to transform non-flat surfaces or objects into 2D or 3D interactive video displays.

2D Projection Mapping is best used on ceilings, walls, and floors to amplify event space.

3D Projection Mapping can be used to create interactive displays out of any 3D shape from custom scenic designs to entire buildings.

Bringing "The Swamp" to Life with 3D Pixel Mapping

How Projection Mapping Can Enhance Your Events

Projection Mapping can alter any space or element and transform it into an immersive experience, taking your audience to a whole new world.

Benefits of Projection Mapping

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Customized Experience

Each projection mapping project is completely unique with any combination of images, motion graphics, video or animation as they are cast onto any surface.

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Endless Possibilities

Turn a warehouse wall into the entryway of Buckingham Palace, or a basketball court into a swamp full of Alligators. Projection Mapping can transform your audiences’ reality and drastically improve your experiential marketing efforts.

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Because projection mapping is completely customizable and can be used for any size space, it delivers the ultimate event experience.

Why Should You Use Projection Mapping?

ON Services Projection Mapping Process

Our Projection Mapping Work:

Sporting Events

Award Ceremonies


Corporate Events


Our full-service offering and process includes the following:


During our consultation, we’ll discuss your event requirements and how projection mapping can help you reach your marketing goals. We’ll discuss the venue, its size, and any spatial considerations. Additionally, together we’ll consider the audience expectations while staying on-message. Our team of experts also considers the best approach to meeting your event marketing budget needs.

The Production Phase

We’ll coordinate all elements in the production phase, transforming final renderings and designs to the finished projection mapping project. Our expert team works diligently to ensure your happiness and flawless execution on event day.


On the day of the event, leave the details to us. Load-in and set-up are just a part of our exceptional service. We sweat the details, including conducting numerous tests before the doors open to ensure projectors are operating at maximum capacity.

Trust ON Services for Projection Mapping

Projection mapping can help make a memorable impact at your next event. To discover more about the value projection mapping can bring to your brand, book your consultation.

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