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Beginning 2024 with Excellence:
A Thank You from ON Services

By Kirk Saboda, Senior Director, Corporate Sales & Enablement, ON Services, February 7, 2024

Here at ON Services, we find ourselves at the start of a promising new year, 2024. We are filled with excitement over the prospect of growth, and gratitude to our partners. So often a new beginning or a new year, lets us pause and reflect on what’s come before, take stock of our successes, our collaborations, our peers, and our clients. It also is a time to look at our struggles and to develop a plan to address them.

As we begin this new year, I want to express my sincere thanks to our clients, those invaluable partnerships, and the cherished relationships with our outstanding team. ON Services is a leading national live event audiovisual production company.

Our Choice is to be Passionate

The common thread connecting our team is a deep and passionate love for the profound impact of a flawless live event. Preparation, planning, contingency, engineering, execution, and post event analysis are all underpinned by the passion of those who love their craft.

This passion distinguishes us as the preferred choice for event professionals, technology leaders, and dedicated event planners seeking to elevate their event experiences.

Integral to every great team is a sense of identity - that common thread that unites us into the ‘team’ or the clan. For ON Services, that thread is passion for our industry.

Why not the Best?

Former President Jimmy Carter revealed in his book an insightful tale of his interview for a position in the US NAVY Nuclear Power Program.

image of naval academy in annapolis, maryland

When asked by Admiral Rickover “Did you do your best?” referring to his efforts at the Naval Academy, a young Jimmy Carter started to say, "Yes, sir," but then remembered who he was speaking to ... He finally gulped and said, "No sir, I didn't always do my best." The Admiral looked at him for a long time, and then turned his chair around to end the interview. He asked one final question, which the future President was never been able to forget — or to answer. The Admiral asked, "Why not?"

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the equipment or run of show; it's a concerted effort to captivate attendees, ensuring a seamless synergy between client satisfaction and flawless event execution. We develop structured, and tested procedures, challenge even our successes with the similar sentiment – “Did we do our Best?” And we asked ourselves. “Why Not?”

Our Customers

Simply said, your trust in collaboration with us has been the driving force for all that we do. It drives us towards success. To our clients, we extend our deepest thanks for standing with us and contributing to the innovative and high-quality services we deliver.

There is a certain energy that is real and tangible as the show comes to life. The moments before the first speaker when the audience is rapt and eager. Our clients are sharing that sense of excitement and it is contagious and success as their message is made real to the audience.

As we look forward to 2024, our team is thankful to be in this industry working with clients, partners and talent like you. The opportunities that lie ahead inspire us to explore innovative solutions and create powerful experiences. Here's to a year filled with shared accomplishments, where we continuously raise the level of expertise and execute brilliantly! #AlwaysON

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