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What makes a great AV and production partner?

By Dan Lamphier, Senior Team Leader, ON Services, November 14, 2023

I think, the process matters more than equipment, national reach, and even individual talent and skill as you consider a partner. In our fast-paced world of event planning, audiovisual requirements consistently rank among the top three expenses for any event.

As an event planner, your objective is to maximize the value of this investment, and a crucial part of that is choosing the right audiovisual event production partner. Let's explore why prioritizing their process is essential key to ensuring your event's success, with a focus on scalability, adaptability, and contingency planning.

Professional Event Production Companies: Your First Step

Your journey to finding the perfect audiovisual partner starts with identifying professional event production companies. These experts are responsible for ensuring the flawless execution of the audiovisual aspects of your event.

This begins with some self reflective understanding of your goals for the event, your venue needs, your audience, and your budget.

In a conversation with Kirk Saboda, Industry Futurist and Colleague, cleverly remarked, 'Without Finance, Romance is dead ... .' This emphasizes the importance of budget in achieving your goals. For instance, consider the Infiniti QX60 and the Toyota Corolla, both suitable as 'family' cars. However, the experience of using them, the resulting safety, and the perceived value they convey are markedly distinct. One is not superior to the other; they simply offer unique experiences.

Knowing what you need then move towards choosing the right partner. Here's several considerations of what you should look for:

A Partner, Not Just a Provider

Your audiovisual partner should be more than a mere service provider; they should be a collaborative partner.

Seek a team that offers innovative ideas and solutions to elevate your event, with unparalleled expertise and valuable insights.

Messaging is not a commodity.

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Collaborating with Event Technology Thought Leaders

Choose industry teams that ask challenging questions, seek to elevate your event, and speak frankly about what could be possible.

Choose to collaborate with event technology thought leaders. These pioneers in the industry bring excellence to audiovisual productions, remain on the cutting edge of technology, and offer you the best insights and solutions to make your event truly exceptional.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

When assessing potential partners, consider the breadth of their services. The wider their offering, the better. From staging and lighting to sound and video, a partner with a diverse range of services can handle all your event's audiovisual needs under one roof.

Uncompromising Quality of Equipment

Quality should never be compromised. The best partners invest in top-tier equipment to ensure your event boasts an impeccable look and sound. High-quality equipment is essential for delivering a flawless event experience.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Events are dynamic, and last-minute changes can be the norm. Your audiovisual partner should be flexible and adaptable, prepared to pivot as necessary to guarantee your event's success.

Scalability: A Process-Driven Foundation

Your audiovisual partner's scalability is rooted in a well-documented, adaptable process. This process ensures that they are purpose-built for scalability, with deliberate efforts invested in developing processes, tools, and hiring practices that foster homogeneity among team members.

Adaptability to Change: Empowering Through Process

Individuals within the team can be subject to sickness, departures, and changing circumstances. In a process-driven organization, procedures empower individuals. Having a team of production leaders cut from the same cloth, equivalently trained, and supported by tools and processes ensures adaptability to changing situations.

Contingency Awareness: Process-Based Resilience

In the ever-evolving world of live events, the unknown can make or break an event. Budget becomes secondary when technical failures occur. Only through process-based testing and maintenance can your audiovisual partner ensure success and handle contingencies effectively. Hoping for the best is misguided, and even seasoned professionals can falter without proper documentation, checklists, and processes.

In Conclusion: Prioritizing Process for Success

When it comes to evaluating a production partner, the priority should invariably be their process. Your event's triumph hinges on the diligence and excellence of your chosen audiovisual partner, making every consideration of their process a strategic imperative.

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A robust, well-documented, and adaptable process is the bedrock of scalability, adaptability to change, and preparedness for contingencies.

By placing process at the forefront, you substantially increase your likelihood of achieving the level of success exemplified in Kirk Saboda's poignant reminder: "Success is never an accident." It's about hard work, perseverance, learning, and love for what you do. Success is defined by contentment, not just wealth.

Your event's outcome hinges on the diligence and excellence of your chosen audiovisual partner, making every consideration of their process a strategic imperative.

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