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Blog Working Together for a Safe Return of Live Events

Working Together for a Safe Return of Live Events

Author: Brent Milner

working together for a safe return of live events

To our valued client:

The global pandemic and accompanying economic hardship have been debilitating to the hospitality and live events industries. With millions of people impacted in these industries, we at ON Services recognize taking care of our communities, our clients and our immediate teams must remain a top priority. We also believe the only way through this unprecedented time is collaborating together. Our optimism for the future comes from being part of this great community and having clients who share our eagerness to hold and support those events we all know to be so impactful. We thank you for your continued support and for letting ON Services, ON Site and SHOWTECH be your trusted live event partners.

During this crisis, our goal has been to remain vigilant and responsive to the immediate needs of our clients and teams while keeping one eye towards the future and return of live events. Our key focus areas have been:

  • Instituting Health and Safety protocols for the return:
    Live events will return, and when they do, we will be ready. In addition to what has become the norm of providing PPE to our staff and ensuring physical distancing in both the workplace and on show site, we’re implementing 360 Event Safety, which includes extensive cleaning and sterilization practices for all of our equipment, pre-event consolation and safety protocols to ensure a safe experience for our staff, our clients, presenters and attendees alike.

  • Guiding clients into incorporating virtual into their event planning:
    We have long supported live streaming as an extension of live events. When live events were put on pause, we pushed our Virtual Events platform to the forefront as a core offering, and since then, we've been working to help our clients navigate from their previously planned live events to virtual events. Going forward, as events return, we expect virtual to continue to play a big part in adding value to live events for our clients and their attendees.

  • Supporting Emergency Response:
    In several of our venues across North America, we’ve supported the conversion of meeting space to use for emergency response needs. We’ve been privileged to be in a position to support our venue partners and healthcare workers in this way.

  • Reimagining the future of events:
    Throughout this pandemic, we’ve been very intentional in retaining the capabilities that have always been a part of our core success, and as we look towards the future, we’re reimagining live events to ensure we continue to innovate and focus on solutions to help our clients and their events be successful.

  • While there is still much uncertainty in our industry for the near-term, our teams are working diligently to provide support for the immediate needs and to pave the way for a safe return to live events in the future. From all of us here at ON Services, we’re eager to help and we remain your trusted partner for live events (virtual, in-person), or wherever you might need us.

    Brent Milner CEO, ON Services

    Please call +1 (800) 967-2419 or contact one of our AV production experts today to learn how we can flawlessly produce your next event.

    About the Author

    brent milner, ceo, on services Since his start in 2005, Brent has been driving growth and success at ON Services with evolving responsibilities across operations, sales and marketing. Now, as Executive Vice President, he ensures that live event productions exceed client expectations. From general sessions that "wow," to breakout rooms that run smoothly and everything in between, Brent’s team delivers digital media services, audio visual technology and interactive systems that empower and engage attendees in a dynamic, immersive environment.