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Blog Why Conference Call Apps Can't Replace Broadcast Production for Virtual Events

Why Conference Call Apps Can't Replace Broadcast Production for Virtual Events

Why Conference Call Apps Can't Replace Broadcast Production for Virtual Events

Lose the Brady Bunch Feeling...

Video Conferencing apps certainly have their place and have become a mainstay for remote work, but like all products in this app product family, some of them are designed to replace the functionality of a conference table, suitable for a small group or one on one discussion. While great for small team calls, these apps have limited capabilities and are not designed to scale for plenary sessions, tradeshows, networking events, or general sessions... basic needs for today’s virtual events.

Video conference call fatigue is real. Today’s virtual attendees are tired of the Brady Bunch squares they interact with daily and are looking for something engaging and high-quality when they attend virtual events or tradeshows. Few people look at a video conference call and say “Wow, this is engaging just like broadcast events.” These platforms may be a great tool for peer discussions, family functions or for the classroom, but not for a professional presentation of topical information with testing, accreditation, and larger group engagements.

With the rise of multi-tasking and increased distractions while working from home, attention in a virtual meeting drops off very quickly without engaging content. An attendee’s expectation and comparison of these virtual experiences is not to the live event, but to other broadcast moments such as live-streaming content, online concerts, broadcast TV, and movies. Raising the bar for an engaging virtual experience at the broadcast-produced experience level is now expected by audiences.

Downsides of Using Video Conference Call Platforms for Your Event:

  • Limitations on branding and control of the attendee experience. It is hard to raise the experience to reflect an aesthetic representation of your brand when you are limited with platform capabilities.
  • User navigation and interactivity are limited. Your ability to build engagement into the agenda is often limited by the capabilities of the conference call platform.
  • Conference call platform capabilities limit production value. Nothing replaces the power of a Director and tech team behind the scenes to call the show, cue the speakers, handle the late-breaking agenda changes, and lower the stress on the meeting team and the presenters.
  • Don’t let your brand reside on a platform that cannot reflect your professional message or engage your audience for the short window of time you have their attention. For a virtual event with an impact, look to professionals for a broadcast-quality production, with higher-quality graphics and content, engaging brand activations, well-lit and professionally framed camera shots, background imagery, seamless transitions, and interstitials to raise the experience for the attendee and achieve your organization’s goals.

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