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URBANSCREEN Outdoor Projection Mapping

URBANSCREEN Outdoor Projection Mapping

URBANSCREEN is an artist collective and creative company based in Bremen, Germany. They are comprised of an interdisciplinary team of architects, media artists, musicians, cultural scholars and technical specialists from various fields. Together, they develop site-specific media installations for public spaces, including architectural projections, augmented sculptures, media façade concepts and virtual theatre.

The Goethe-Institut commissioned URBANSCREEN’s creative services for their “Wunderbar together” celebrations around the Year of the German-American Friendship. When they lined up shows in the US, URBANSCREEN approached ON Services to collaborate on a multi-city series of outdoor exhibits.

URBANSCREEN desired a show-stopping execution that clearly, reliably and efficiently displayed their featured artists’ work in Atlanta and Indianapolis. Multiple large format, high resolution projectors combined with custom video projection engineering and rigging were required to project URBANSCREEN’s media onto the German-designed Atlanta-Fulton Central Library in downtown Atlanta and the Indianapolis Athenaeum, a historic German-American landmark in the heart of downtown Indianapolis - thus crafting two otherworldly outdoor experiences for attendees and passers-by, alike.

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