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It's Here! The Complete Guide to Audio Visual for Event Planners

It's Here! The Complete Guide to Audio Visual for Event Planners

Every event planner knows that there is no successful event without two crucial elements that make it all work – audio and visual. You want to create a memorable event that both dazzles and delights your guests, while remaining informative and educational at the same time. Your audio and visual elements can make all the difference in an event that makes an impression and brings your guests back the next year.

Are you working with an AV partner, or are you handling in-house with the venue team?

Here’s a few quick things to consider when working with your partner to tackle the AV portion of your event:

audio, microphoneAudio - There are only three things most people notice about audio: Can they hear it? Was it too loud? Did it give any feedback? Work with your AV partner to talk about ways to help your audience feel engaged with your content.

visual, video elementsVisual – If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then the right video elements are priceless. Your room size, overall design and audience impression will impact which visual displays you will want engaged at your event. Do you want projection or LED walls? Maybe you need a live feed to include those who could not make the event? There are multiple ways in which to immerse your guests in your content.

event lighting, theater lighting, lighting corporate eventsLighting – Do you want to feature your content in the best light to bring that WOW factor? It doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one can see it. Make sure that your audience can see what’s on stage, what’s in the room and each other with the right lighting at the right times.

scenic design, 3d renderingsScenic Design – 3D renderings of the space can help you visualize your event and figure out what elements to add or remove. It will also help you communicate your event goals to your stakeholders. Take a virtual walk through your space before setup to insure it meets your needs and those of your guests.

Your AV partner is the most important part of your extended event team. Learn to speak their language and understand what they need in order to make your event a success. Create an AV experience beyond compare for your guests, and make it an event to remember.

If you want more details and an in-depth explanation of all of these elements, download our Complete Guide to Audio Visual for Event Planners now.

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