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Five Awesome Examples of MultiTaction Technology

Five Awesome Examples of MultiTaction Technology

5 awesome examples of multitaction technology

MultiTaction technology is pushing touchscreens into new industries and applications, leading the way in interactive display experiences.  

As the technology develops and streamlines, deployment of this type of fully-interactive solution will allow for more interactive advertising campaigns, enhanced interactive learning applications, more immersive working collaborations, and more. 

We’ve compiled the following examples of MultiTaction technology to provide inspiration for your upcoming interactive project. Take a look at some of the most innovative applications of this touchscreen technology below.

Toronto Raptors Team Management

Sports teams rely heavily on data and analytics to improve their overall team performance, and the Toronto Raptors found a collaborative solution to their player management needs by coupling IBM software with a MultiTaction iWall and interactive boardroom desk.

This solution allows the Raptors to collect and blend data from a variety of sources and data types to drive interactive insights, helping managers make more informed decisions. With team management literally at their fingertips, the Raptors have access to all player data in real time to review potential draft picks, trade scenarios, or to discuss team chemistry.

This data driven solution is partly how the Raptors built their 2019 NBA Championship team.

View the Raptors MultiTaction table in the video below.

Trinity University Welcome Center

Within the Trinity University Welcome Center is a MultiTaction table display which provides key information to visitors at their fingertips. This interactive display allows prospective students to examine their academic options while visiting and touring the campus. 

The MultiTaction table utlizies MultiTouch's Enriched Realty™ technology uses 2D barcodes to recognize data. It then displays information about different majors, faculty and staff information, campus maps, as well as campus activities and traditions. 

Rather than using a simple brochure to communicate this information, Trinity University decided to implement this solution to give an interactive and engaging experience to all who visit the Welcome Center. 

View Trinity University's Welcome Center table in the video below.

Saint John Paul II Shrine and the World Youth Day Exhibit

The Saint John Paul II Shrine in Washington D.C. is an interactive exhibit which invites visitors to learn about Saint John Paul II's life and his 100+ global trips. 

Due to a vast amount of information and a very confined space, the exhibit was designed around six MultiTaction displays which portray a virtual timeline of Saint John Paul II's life. As visitors walk past the displays, motion sensors alert the displays to feature quotes from Saint John Paul II's life. Visitors can scroll through the timeline of his life, reading pieces of from his journal while traveling, listening to his various speeches, and seeing pictures and videos from his travels. 

Next to the Saint John Paul II Shrine is a nine-foot touchscreen table display for the World Youth Day exhibit. The display allows guests to virtually travel across the globe to various cities who have played host to some of the most famous international gatherings.

View the Saint John Paul II Shrine in the video below.

The Wonder Room - All Saints Anglican School

The Wonder Room is a next-generation classroom at All Saints Anglican School, and is a room built on a backbone of creativity and critical thinking skills. The room has helped educators at All Saints better communicate and engage with their students. 

All Saints uses five MultiTaction displays as the centerpiece of the Wonder Room. The displays are used for all grades (pre-k to 12th grade) as a tool for students to interact and engage with the content and materials they are learning. Regardless of age, students remain excited to learn and participate in learning.

All subjects use the displays which has produced incredible results, proving how quickly students learn and retain information. For history, students slide through the history of World War II, visualizing the macro and micro-points within the timeline. In anatomy, students can touch the display to show muscle tissue on a body, or the skeletal structure, or to zoom in on vital organs. Lower level grades like pre-k and kindergarten use the boards to help stay focused as they read through a story. Students may utlize the displays to make their own interactive presentations for projects. In addition to the education benefits of the displays, All Saints has seen students develop more quickly both socially and emotionally and gain a respected degree of independence and ownership in their studies. 

View The Wonder Room below.

Australian War Memorial Museum

The Australian War Memorial Museum is at times nearly completely silent all while having hundreds of visitors move about the exhibits. The museum does this by leveraging MultiTaction displays and pairing them with guest passes and a pair of head phones. 

Guests can walk up to any display, set their guest pass on it, and begin viewing information about the display, play videos, or listen to audio recordings. Guests can touch and zoom in and out of photos as well as pause and play videos on their own time. This creates an experience that is tailored to visitor needs and desires. 

While this is a very engaging experience for guests, it also allows the museum to collect data points to understand which exhibits get more traffic and how long visitors stay at each one, or what content visitors engage with. This data-driven solution in turn helps the museum invest appropriately in creating new content or creating new feature exhibits. 

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