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AV Series: Who Does What: Key Members of Your AV Team

AV Series: Who Does What: Key Members of Your AV Team

When you have decided on the Audio Visual partner you would like to work with, you may find yourself being introduced to several members of their team. Who does what?

General Sessions:

Depending on the size and scope of your event, your initial contact was most likely with an Account Manager or Sales Executive. This person is responsible for the client relationship that the company has with you. The Account Manager is likely to have secured a preliminary quote for your audio services, discussed and revised it necessary to fit your needs. While the Account Manager may stay involved with you as their special client, he or she will engage more of the team to help bring your project to life. They will be your key contact, overseeing the whole account. If you require meeting rooms, you will have a Project Manager assigned to your event, as you would if you have a show floor. Your Account Manager will stay in communication as your event progresses.

Here’s a breakdown of the other people your Account Manager will work with to make your vision come to life:

Your Technical Director is the one in charge at your event. He or she is the one that the Account Manager interacts with and talks to about your setup, any questions or concerns you may have.

There may be an “A1” who is the lead audio technician, and an “A2” - their assistant. Usually, the A1 is the one mixing the main audience speakers at the mixing board at Front of House (This is what the area for technicians in the main room is called. This mixing board may be a smaller digital console or a larger, analog one depending on the needs of the event). The A2 is often on stage and moving microphones and other equipment as necessary. If you have a large band performing at your event, you may also have a Monitor Tech who is located at a mixing board at the side of the stage, who is responsible for mixing the audio that comes through the monitors on the stage back to the band performing.

Similarly, video needs will be managed with a “V1” and “V2.” The V1 is the lead for the video content and on larger shows decides which content goes on the main screen for your guests to see. The V2 helps with preparing content. You will most likely find these members of your crew behind the scenes (and the screens) as they can manage your on-screen content and projection from what they see on their equipment and can be connected to the rest of the team using headphones (often called ClearcomTM or “com” for short).

The production team may also involve a Production Manager, a Show Caller (for a complex show, this is the person that directs each element – audio, video, lighting, effects, etc.) to communicate with your Stage Manager, operations crew, and others to bring all the pieces together.

The more complex your Audio Visual requirements are, the more people that will be in the room to support you. They have your back and will do everything they can to make sure your event is a success.

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