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7 Ways to Step Up Your Annual Banquets and Award Shows

7 Ways to Step Up Your Annual Banquets and Award Shows

7 ways to step up your annual banquets and award shows

You want to make important annual events like banquets and award shows as enjoyable and meaningful as possible.

Go from bland to bling, from forgettable to memorable, with these seven simple concepts:

1. Flank your presentation dais with large screens for easy viewing from all tables and all angles. Partner with your AV consultant on a compelling slide show highlighting winners in their categories to play during the cocktail hour and until the event begins.

2. Rely on your production company to create a unique, overall design concept that reflects your event branding, including images, logos, and animated elements displayed on LED backdrops or screens.

3. Invest in a professional facilitator—a charming, knowledgeable person, perhaps a well-known industry blogger or entertainer—who can serve as master of ceremonies, introduce key speakers, crack jokes, and keep the event moving.

4. Add pizzazz to your surroundings with continuously-changing LED lighting effects, responsive to the season and events. Consult with your AV company about uplighters to throw dramatic colors and patterned effects onto ceilings and walls. Transform hallways, lobbies, and even the main hall with moving, mood-enhancing LED color.

5. Use different team members to give out awards. Engage department managers who can provide a variety of anecdotal stories as well as added context or meaning regarding the significance of the event.

6. Display your Twitter hashtag prominently on all screens. This way attendees can comment continually and publicize award winners or other highlights, and you can reinforce your brand value.

7. Partner with your production services company to deploy appropriate music throughout, supporting every stage walk-on, bringing excitement to the room, and encouraging audience applause.

We said seven tips, but here’s a bonus: Plan for an even better event next year by including your suppliers and their expert knowledge. With great support and creative services in place, your annual event will exceed everyone’s expectations!

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