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7 Production Services That Will Help Make Your Next Event Spectacular

7 Production Services That Will Help Make Your Next Event Spectacular

The right production services can elevate an event to a higher level, providing better audience engagement, higher-quality content and support smooth operations. When hiring an event company, consider the services listed below to put on an unforgettable production.

1) AV Technology Services

Through engaging and responsive content, attractive visuals, and interactive experiences, audio-visual (AV) services will make an event’s message compelling.

Using the latest digital and interactive technology, event managers can increase engagement through the effective application of the latest AV, such as:

  • Audio – High-quality sound equipment supports visual content and keeps audiences captivated. From the front row to the back of the venue, the event message needs to reach the entire audience.
  • Video – bring the event’s message to life through stunning high-definition visuals and imagery. From widescreen blending to projection mapping to conference recording to streaming LED displays and more, there’s nothing quite as effective as attractive video for engaging an audience.
  • Responsive touchscreen displays – touch screen technology offers a way to attract guests to a booth and increase attendee engagement at events. They provide a unique opportunity to communicate and collaborate with event-goers through the physical act of touch, and there are a multitude of applications to use across numerous types of displays.

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  • High-resolution LED walls and modular displays – LED panels can be arranged in a variety of ways to create interesting displays to support the event’s message. They can provide vivid, high-resolution imagery to capture the audience’s attention.
  • High-definition projection and projection mapping – this event service uses powerful projectors to create a moving image overlay on any type of surface. The options are truly unlimited, as video can be projected on numerous surfaces, from buildings to cars to sports venues and more.
  • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) – take advantage of this exciting new technology. As it becomes more affordable, VR and AR can create immersive experiences, such as a 360-degree live stream on social media, allowing audiences around the world to participate in the event in real time without actually having to be there.
  • Digital signage – this technology can provide event-goers with crucial information, such as real-time agendas and sponsor messages on a wide variety of display devices.
  • 2) Lighting Design Services

    Event lighting is an essential part of every live production. Not only does it help everyone see what’s going on, it creates specific moods to support what’s taking place throughout the event’s production.

    Implementing a lighting system for a live production helps focus the audience’s attention on particular elements that are crucial in evoking certain emotions. For example, at a play in a theatre, lighting may be used to help the audience connect emotionally to the acting, dialogue or set. If there is a somber moment on stage, there may be deep reds, dark blacks or even a backlight that creates silhouettes in the background. A cheery or happy mood may require brighter colors, that promotes a feeling of exuberance.


    3) Live Tracking/Participation Services

    Registration and RFID trackingIntegrating live tracking and participation services into an event can reveal crucial insights about audience engagement levels. Consider the options below:

  • Registration and RFID tracking – With built-in RFID technology, each delegate can be tracked seamlessly around the venue, while remaining undisturbed. For example, scanners placed at key locations, such as entrances, reception areas and presentation rooms can monitor audience movements throughout the event grounds. This gives event managers key insight into delegates’ behaviors and preferences, often in real time. The quantifiable data delivered provides a means to measure ROI, and ultimately, the success of an event.
  • Live audience participation – by encouraging live audience participation at an event, event-goers can do a number of things, from interactive Q&A sessions and live polling to submit questions, comments and votes on topics on any device they’re using. This information can then be sent to a database that records real time results.  
  • 4) Content Management Services

    Often, a captivating presentation is a more powerful and affordable way to communicate a message, compared to other technology such as projection mapping or video design. Whether an event uses PowerPoint, Keynote or another software, a professional event services company will transform it into a dynamic presentation which will engage even the most challenging of audiences.


    5) Set & Staging

    From economic set and stage packages to unique backdrops for a specific event—be it a conference, exhibition or awards ceremony—set and staging services will help content stand apart. Many companies develop custom set and stages by way of modular set systems. This gives event managers the chance to create a set and stage perfect for their needs, within the dimensions of the venue’s space.


    6) Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

    Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

    To truly amplify an event, professional pyrotechnics and fireworks can create an explosive sensation.

  • Indoor pyrotechnics – any stage can give-off the “wow” factor that makes an event production special with indoor pyrotechnics. Whether the event is big or small, pyrotechnics will make it an unforgettable one.
  • Fireworks – give event-goers the experience they deserve with a professional fireworks display. Experienced event producers will help determine the possibilities and requirements needed to bring outdoor fireworks to an event, whether it be for a sports game, city-wide festival or publicity stunt.
  • 7) Design Services

    It’s crucial to have a full scope of the event layout before it starts. From initial sketches to 3D motion walk-throughs, design services give event managers the opportunity to experience the event before the first attendee ever enters the room. The following design services will help craft a spectacular event:

  • 3D Renderings – using special software, 3D rendering constructs a virtual model of an event prior to showtime, providing a visual representation of what the venue will look like, saving time and money. Instead of making adjustments to the technical and aesthetic aspects of an event once it’s set up, the virtual model can simply be rearranged. Also, should there be a possible issue because of the layout, the necessary adjustments will be made in the virtual model to ensure the event runs smoothly.

    3D Renderings
  • CAD drawings – CAD drawings are developed for all rooms and exhibits within the venue to precisely plan everything from truss arrangement to projection to audio to lighting and more. Additionally, CAD drawings are used to plan seating charts, stage sets, and technical spaces, as well as service areas. These drawings may then be used with the venue and the local fire marshal for approval of the overall space plan.

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