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Navigating Risk in Live Events and Ensuring Success: The Power of True Event Production Partnerships

By Justin Yee, Marketing Director, World System Builder; and Dan Carrese, Senior Team Leader, ON Services, August 15, 2023

As a long-time client and meeting planner in the Insurance and Financial Planning industry, I understand the importance of seamless live event production.

I’m proud to be sharing my experience and insights into how ON Services, a leading AV event production company, not only navigates each event successfully but also excels in mitigating the potential risks inherent in any live event , such as technical failures, scheduling issues, venue challenges, and communication challenges. The ON Services team goes out of their way to make sure these risks never materialize, ensuring success for each of my events.

The ON Services team’s commitment to collaborating with me to deliver engaging experiences for our audiences has made them an invaluable asset to our event planning efforts. Some of the key aspects vital to ensuring a successful live event and most engaging audience experience include:

1. The Importance of Planning

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Central to ON Services' approach is their commitment to comprehensive planning. Right from the beginning, their expert AV team collaborates closely with me to understand the unique needs and objectives of our events.

By conducting thorough assessments and risk analyses, potential technical challenges are proactively identified and addressed. This meticulous planning ensures that the production team is well-prepared to handle any unforeseen technical challenges successfully.

2. Navigating Scheduling Hurdles

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In the live event production realm, adhering to strict schedules is paramount. ON Services' proven track record in navigating scheduling hurdles is a testament to their dedication.

Their experienced team diligently plans event timelines, accounting for every minute detail. This ensures that all technical aspects are in place at the right time, allowing the event to run smoothly and on schedule.

3. Overcoming Venue Challenges

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Venues often present unique challenges that can affect AV production. ON Services' expertise shines in adapting to various event locations.

The ON Services team conducts thorough site visits and assesses the venue's layout and technical requirements. By doing so, potential challenges related to acoustics, lighting, and logistics are preemptively addressed, guaranteeing an optimal experience for the audience.

4. Effective Communication Strategies

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ON Services places a premium on effective communication, recognizing it as a key factor in risk mitigation. Throughout the planning process and on-site execution, they maintain open channels of communication with all stakeholders.

ON Services' proactive approach to sharing updates, addressing concerns, and ensuring clarity has been instrumental in minimizing miscommunications and fostering a collaborative environment.

ON Services' dedication to navigating the inherent potential risks associated with any event (mitigating technical risks, scheduling hurdles, venue challenges, and promoting effective communication) sets them apart as a true event production partner.

As a long-time client and meeting planner in the Insurance and Financial Planning industry, I have witnessed time and time again their unwavering commitment to ensuring seamless live event production success. With ON Services as our trusted event production partner, I am confident that our events will continue to captivate and leave a lasting impact on our audience. #AlwaysON

justin yee, dan carrese, meeting planner, blogAbout the Authors
Justin Yee, Marketing Director, World System Builder, has been a client of ON Services for over fifteen years and has experience first-hand how ON Services works as a consultant and partner.

Dan Carrese, Senior Team Leader, ON Services, is a technology consultant with over twenty years of conferences and events industry experience; Dan is a valuable member of the ON Services family.

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